Alex Brown (Writer, Creator, Co-Producer, Etta):

Alex Brown has written many books, and hopes to publish at least one of them someday. She lives in California, though she’s originally from Virginia, where she spent many childhood field trips learning how to make candles in Colonial Williamsburg. She received her BS in Psychology from Virginia Tech (GO HOKIES!), and also holds a MS in College Student Personnel.

Recently, she put that psych degree to use and taught her cat how to play fetch. You can follow her on Twitter, where she frequently fangirls over awesome books and podcasts. She's quite proud to be a biracial Filipina-American! Alex is represented by Hannah Fergesen of KT Literary.

Rebecca Mahoney (Writer, Creator, Co-Producer):

Rebecca Mahoney is a New Englander, cloche hat enthusiast, and aspiring sea-witch. She received her BA in East Asian Studies, and spent three years in the wild world of US-Japan relations, where she learned formal Japanese, spent a memorable evening in a diplomatic entourage, and poured a lot of coffee. (These days, she only pours coffee for herself.)

She is currently an academic admin by day, and a writer all the times in-between. You can find her on Twitter here. She is represented by Hannah Fergesen of KT Literary. Rebecca is a 2017 Fellow at the Writers' Room of Boston. Her YA Debut, The Valley and the Flood, will be published by Razorbill in Fall 2020.

Liz Hull (Kate, Writer):

Liz Hull's voice isn't typically heard on the Internet these days, but you can read it in 140 character bits across Firefox and Mozilla social presences, where she works as Social Strategist. It's a good way to make finding great GIFs a full-time job. She lives in Virginia, a state she's always lived in, and works from home with Jake Hull (below) and her dragon of a cat.

Chris Martin (Roger):

Chris Martin was born in a semi-rural town in central Virginia. He studied physics at Virginia Tech, where he met the illustrious and talented co-creator Alex Brown through a residence life student organization. The two explored the world together (if you define "the world" as only six European cities) in the summer of 2010 as part of a study abroad program. Chris later returned to Virginia Tech to complete his master's in secondary education. In a fit of originality, bravery, and an undying sense of adventure, Chris moved all the way to the town adjacent to where he grew up. He now teaches high school physics and lives with his wife and two cats in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.

David Picariello (Bertie):

David Picariello knows absolutely nothing about hydrangeas. He received his BFA in Theatre Performance from Salem State University in 2017, which is where he met co-creator Alex Brown back in 2013 while she was the director of his residential building, and thus the beginning of a beautiful friendship! When he's not Bertie-ing, you can catch him fully invested in Boston sports, becoming too emotionally attached to fictional television characters, and doing his best to make it as an actor. He currently lives on the north shore of Boston, MA. You can follow him on Twitter here. Follow him and his friends' production company:

Sarah Grover (Welcome Brigade):

Sarah Grover studied musical theatre at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC. She currently performs at various theaters in Colorado. Credits include Molly in Peter and the Starcatcher, Wednesday in The Addams Family (Marlowe Award Winner), Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz; Natalie in Next to Normal (Ovation Award Winner); Winifred in Once Upon a Mattress; Little Red Riding Hood in Into the Woods.

Jen Ellision (Mysterious Voice, Bollard, Writer):

Jennifer Ellision is the author of books such as the young adult fantasy series, Threats of Sky and Sea, and the contemporary romance novel, Now and Again. From her home in sweltering Florida, she also narrates audiobooks. You can learn more about Jen and her work at

Stephanie Whigham (Mysterious Voice, Yvette):

Stephanie is a Santa Clara based actor with a background primarily in theatre, but who is expanding this year into commercials, film, and television. Favorite theatrical roles around the Bay include Anna in Closer, Don John in Much Ado About Nothing, Estelle in No Exit, and Cleopatra in Antony & Cleopatra. In addition to acting, she is an avid rock climber, karaoke singer and freelance graphic designer.  More info at

Danielle Wood (Nora):

Danielle hails from just north of Boston, Massachusetts. She spends her time doing community theater (notably Trix The Aviatrix in The Drowsy Chaperone, Princess Winifred in Once Upon a Mattress, and Asaka in Once On This Island) and hanging out with her 10 month old niece. She spends the more boring hours of the day as an administrative assistant for a flooring company. Much love to my family, the amazing team behind The Bridge, especially Alex, and to my Percy, James - we make a great, evil duo. I'll be your partner in crime any day. <3

James Turner (Percy):

James is a Boston based actor and singer, who has been seen up and down the east coast.  A DJ, Private Vocal Coach, and part time Chocolatier; he is also a proud member of SAG-AFTRA and has filmed on movies such as American Hustle and Ghostbusters.  James' passion for musical theatre has lead to performing roles such as Jean Val Jean (Les Miserables), Jamie (The Last 5 Years) , and Chip (Spelling Bee)! "Many thanks to Team Bridge for inviting Danielle and me to expand our relationship with a new - EVIL - facet!"

Salim Razawi (Frank):

SALIM RAZAWI is thrilled to be a part of this project! As an actor he was last seen touring the bay area in the world premiere of Rickshaw Girl with Bay Area Children's Theatre. In addition to BACT, Salim has performed with TheatreWorks, Broadway By the Bay, Pacific Coast Repertory Theatre, Berkeley Playhouse, Golden Thread Productions, Tri-Valley REP, Tabaed Theatre, Livermore Shakespeare Festival, and SF Shakespeare Festival.When not on stage Salim is a director, teaching artist, and stage manager for multiple theatre companies throughout the bay area. He can also be seen on a feautred TEDx Talk. More at

Cynthia August (Mysterious Voice):

Cynthia August has been involved in theatre one way or another since she was 5 years old - from her groundbreaking portrayal of the Virgin Mary at the kindergarten Christmas Pageant (her labor pains were truly moving) to her recent award-winning performance as Lettice Douffet in Lettice and Lovage.

In between she spent many many years as a designer for regional theatre, television and film including a good decade and a half in NYC.

This, however, ranks up there as one of the coolest things she's ever done. Thanks to Alex for the chance to be a nasty woman.

Naomi Evans (Claudia Baker...maybe)

Naomi Evans is a native Californian, who can be found performing throughout the Bay Area, when she's not traveling the world. Theater and travel are her two greatest passions! She is a graduate of Santa Clara University, and holds a BA in Theatre Arts and a minor in Musical Theatre. Some past favorite roles include Sylvie/Cecily Pigeon in The Odd Couple, Vanessa in In the Heights, Teresita in West Side Story, and Crystal in Little Shop of Horrors. When not performing or country hopping, she enjoys reading and yoga. 

Christian Bucey (Azimuth)

Christian Bucey is a born-and-raised Midwesterner living in Berkeley, California and wonders who paid Alex Brown to let him be part of this podcast. After graduating from Michigan State University College of Law, he followed the girl out to California and now works in higher education. Christian is currently performing in Altarena Playhouse's production of Guys and Dolls, and looks forward to marrying his best friend this fall.

Sara Fairchild (Composer):

Sara Fairchild grew up in southern New Jersey and began playing piano and fighting with her parents about having to play piano at 8 years old.  She received her BS in Psychology, Statistics, and Mathematics from Virginia Tech, where she also received a Masters in Educational Psychology, because who wouldn't want another season of Hokie football. She moved to Alexandria with her husband where she received her counseling license and currently works as a school counselor. Sara enjoys composing music in her free time, when she isn't spending time with her husband and son.

Jake Hull (Composer): 

Jake Hull is a composer and producer in Virginia. As a college student, Jake taught himself how to play nearly twenty instruments. Since, he has gone on to perform on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, score for independent film and theatre, and produce solo artists and bands. He is married to, and works from home with, Liz Hull (above) and his dragon of a cat.

Linsey Miller (Writer):

A young adult fantasy author originally from Arkansas, Linsey has previously worked as a crime lab intern, neuroscience lab assistant, and pharmacy technician. She can be found writing about science and magic anywhere there is coffee. Her debut novel MASK OF SHADOWS and its forthcoming sequel RUIN OF STARS can be bought anywhere books are sold, and signed copies can be ordered from her local indie.

Ian Heflin (Editor/Graphics):

Ian Heflin is a part-time graduate student working full-time in IT customer support at Virginia Tech. His love for digital media started in the third grade when he commandeered his family’s Photoshop software to give everyone extra heads, and several extra eyes. Ian’s hobbies include spending time in his hammock, a glass [read bottle] of Chambourcin, and a good plot line (bonus if they are all enjoyed together).

Molly Woodworth (Graphics - Logo, Merch):

Molly Woodworth somehow received her BFA in graphic design at Virginia Tech, when she wasn’t reading, drinking massive amounts of tea, or designing things that weren’t her assignments. She currently works as a graphic designer for Deloitte, when she isn’t reading, drinking massive amounts of tea, or designing things that aren’t work. She wishes that she lived in England but makes due with the foggy climate of Seattle with her husband, pup named Sebastian (who has modeled for GQ….seriously), and two energetic kitties, Zeke and Zoe. You can check out her work at or if all you care about is seeing her dog, find her on Instagram at mimzsy (because who really cares about anything else).

Em Broude (Merch):

Em Broude is an engineering student masquerading as someone who knows how graphic design works. When they aren't doing math, building robots, or messing around on Photoshop, they can be found sleeping under the stages of shows they've sound designed. They're also on Tumblr literally all the time, and are still very confused as to how they got here.

Foster Gray (Merch, Banner):

Foster Gray is an illustrator daylighting as an office worker. When not working, listening to podcasts, or making art, he can be found on Tumblr, where he blogs about podcasts and art. Although currently studying by experience, he hopes to eventually go to college and study animation and illustration in a more formal setting. 

He currently lives in Michigan and eternally resents the weather.

You can find him on tumblr and twitter as alienpodcast. 

Andy Dettinger (Cover Art: The Spooky Movie Show)

Andy Dettinger is a college student with very talented friends and a working knowledge of Google. They offered to make cover art for this podcast and learned some photoshop to do it. They are working towards a B.A. in Sociology and a B.S. in Conservation and Natural Resources from UC Berkeley. They love taking care of stick bigs, writing weird fan fiction, and meeting their Goodreads Reading Goal every year. They can be found in the background of fog filled, blurry photographs or at

Prin Bouchonnet (Cover Art: The Spooky Movie Show)

Prin Bouchonnet is a student getting their AA in Digital Art from Grossmont College in San Diego, CA. They have a passion for illustration and character design and hope to be on a creative team for a TV show, comic, or game someday. They can be found at and their art can specifically be found at