Etta Perrault:

Always has a story up her sleeve. 
Likes: Research, chocolate fondue, folklore.
Dislikes: Traffic Reports.

Kate Burnham:

Joined Watchtower 10's crew approximately one year ago.
Likes: Random facts, storms, night.
Dislikes: Moral dilemmas, assumptions.

Roger Kaplan:

Lost a bet. Now he's here.
Likes: N/A
Dislikes: Everything.

Bertie Renard:

Former Engineer turned groundskeeper. Don't ask him how that happened.
Likes: Rom Coms, hydrangeas, ghost stories (that aren't real).
Dislikes: Cleaning, ghost stories that are real.

The Welcome Brigade:

A decades-old recording that won't stop touting the merits of Aqua Land. Despite many efforts to get rid of all these ads, no one can seem to figure out how to permanently erase them.

Percy [last name unknown]:

Likes: Dastardly schemes, terrible puns.
Dislikes: Sassiness (directed at him).

Nora [last name unknown]:

Likes: Being right, chess.
Dislikes: Losing.

Frank Hayward:

Possibly a friend of the show.
Likes: Winning, fact-checking.
Dislikes: Following directions.

Yvette Breckenridge:

A paranormal debunker. Whereabouts unknown.
Likes: Proving people wrong, defrauding schemes.
Dislikes: Actual ghosts.


Likes: Taunting Percy and Nora.
Dislikes: Percy and Nora.