"Is existence enough?" If you think about nothing else we've asked today, think of this. Mere existence wouldn't be enough for you, would it? Why, then, do we expect this of the most vulnerable creatures in our oceans?

Forget what you may have heard about us. Our methods are far more peaceful than the so-called travelers who cross this bridge every day. As human beings, we have the luxury of couching our actions however we like. Expansion. Manifest destiny. Connection. But these beings below us, beneath the waves in the only homes they've ever known? They are not the invaders. We are.

Is existence enough? We don't think so. If you agree, consider joining us, the People Openly Supporting Elaborate Initiatives, Doomed Or Not.

It's a long name, we know. So if you must, ask for POSEIDON.



There are others out there who may come to you with messages of peace. Of reconciliation.

They tempt you with hopes of creating a connection with these ancient creatures. Their weave their lies with promises of a new world - one in which we can sincerely atone for our actions, and appease those who want nothing more than to do us harm.

But they don’t want your apologies. They aren’t interested in getting to know you. They want you out. They want us all out.

There have already been whispers of these things acting out against us. Disappearances at Aqua Land, poor souls being drawn into the water, never to return. How long must we let this continue?

Harmony is no longer an option. We’re dealing with beings that are far older and more powerful than we shall ever be. But, even in these dangerous times, we will not relent. We will not surrender.

Now that we inhabit the ocean, they’ll begin to move onto land - and we must be ready. If we are caught off-guard, these monsters have the potential to destroy everything we hold dear.

We need to act now. Or you could be next.